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Whiskers : Clip or Not to Clip?

Do you clip your horse’s whiskers for that show polished look?

At first sight they may seem little redundant and not particularly appealing (think clean shaven guy vs. one with some serious unkempt facial hair). But let’s think beyond the curb appeal here. Whiskers are there for a reason. They tell the horse something is getting too close to his eyes – like a branch. It’s a protection against getting poked in the eye, which can lead to irritation or infection. Not fun! Some horses can also be pretty adamant about refusing having ointments applied to their eyes.

So protect your horse’s peepers and go natural!

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Let’s Celebrate: “FREE Shipping & FREE Product” – Our Gift to You

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Ride Green!
The EcoLicious Equestrian

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Don’t Let the Bugs Bug Your Horse : Green Fly Control Tips

Spring is in full swing and we look forward to long sunny days shared with our equine companions. Unfortunately, the warmer weather also brings pesky mosquitoes, black flies, ticks and fleas. For the horse and rider, their unwelcome intrusion can take the fun out of a long ride and make it next to impossible for us to work with our horses as they are driven to distraction. And who can blame them?

Here’s a list of Green Fly Control Tips that you can implement to keep the bugs at bay.

It’s a bug-eat-bug world out there, so use it to your natural advantage! Fly predators are tiny insects that eat fly larvae, interrupting the life cycle and therefore reducing the population. You will be amazed at how well this natural method works, as long as you start early in the season. You may have to double up the use during the peak of the fly season, or if your spring and summer is wetter than usual.

Keep it clean. Not only will your shelters and paddocks smell better, but you’ll keep pesky insects at bay if you promptly remove manure. In larger areas, harrow occasionally or break up manure with a pitchfork, and rotate pastures to avoid worm infestation.

Keep it dry. The less homey you make it for bugs, the more they’ll move on! Eliminate standing water and tall grasses where flies and other insects settle. Watch out for the overlooked nooks and crannies where rainwater collects, like unused buckets and pails, and even tarps and other areas where water pools.

An apple a day…well, not exactly although your horse would like it. But adding apple cider vinegar in small quantities to your horses’ feed is a natural repellent.

Feed DE. Diatomaceous Earth is a non-toxic pesticide which can be added to food to help eliminate internal parasites and reduce manure odor. Apply it as well to manure piles to prevent flies from laying eggs. DE looks like white chalk powder but is actually the indigestible fossilized remains of single-cell plants. Since bugs can’t digest it, they die, but it is harmless to larger animals and people.

Use flower power. Planting flowers like marigolds naturally deter many insects. There are many pretty plants that are natural repellents, so you can pretty up your yard with double duty beauty.

Add some POP! These fly traps really work, and are easy to use.

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Raving Reviews from the Harding Heights Ranch

I’d like to share with you a latest testimonial from one our customers – Shauntelle from the Harding Heights Ranch in Trail, BC. Here we go:

“My Mom and I run Harding Heights Ranch Ltd. and we strive to provide the most natural/holistic care possible for our herd of 15 horses.  I came upon EcoLicious Equestrian while reading my online subscription of Holistic Horse.  I was immediately captured by the fact that they were a Canadian company but more so that they were All Natural.  So, I decided to try them and I ordered a couple of their products.  The De-Stress Intensive  Mane & Tail Treatment quickly became my favorite!  Not only did it work and smell wonderful, it lasted!!  Yay.  I had been struggling with other products that did a good job at first but after awhile the manes were far worse than they had ever been!  Ugg.  I try not to touch my horses manes too often but every once in awhile they do need to be managed… this for me happens about once a year.” 

Harding Heights Herd – courtesy Harding Heights Ranch Ltd.

“I was so in love with the smell of the products and so were my horses!  My Stallion, Rowan, who is a Suffield Horse from the Suffield Military Block in Alberta and came from wild stock is a fussy creature who would rather flee, while at liberty, then see me coming at him with a bottle in my hand!!  So, armed with my newest product, Comfort Me Healing Balm, I approached him to tend to a surface wound on his neck only to have him bolt away to the other end of his paddock.  What a brat!  So I quickly put some Comfort Me on my fingers and tucked the bottle away in my pocket and proceeded after him with caution!  I gently approached, keeping my distance with my fingers extended for him to smell.  He stretched his head out to sniff my hand.  As he sniffed his eyes started to calm and his body relaxed as he stepped towards me with his head down!!  Wow, I was so excited!!  He loved it!  Yay again!!  I proceeded to fix his scratches and did everything I could find searching up and down his legs to find any excuse to use the product.”

“I now have the Hoof Therapy Serum which will be a great tool for all of our barefoot horses.  I am very excited about its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and once again it smells amazing!  I was spoiled at Christmas as one of my very thoughtful friends bought me and two of our other horse friends the Hands On which is amazing and so silky.  And all because I had been raving so much about the EcoLicious line!”

“I love the products so much that I gave it as a Christmas gift to another one of my dear friends who is also an all-natural girl with her herd of horses.  I wanted her to see what awesome products they were and I knew that she would be just as thrilled with them as I am. She now has all the products that I do!  I have added EcoLicious to my favorite web links on my website as well as continuing to promote you on my Facebook page.”

“I have dealt with the customer care team twice now, once on the phone and once via email and they were so polite and helpful that it makes me want to support them even more!!”

Thanks for developing such amazing products that work for all of us green horse people!   I am looking forward to getting and trying the Leave Me Be this spring.”


Shauntelle (Harding) LeRose

Harding Heights Ranch Ltd. (Trail, BC)


Thank you for sharing with us your EcoLicious experience Shauntelle! We are excited to be part of the holistic horsekeeping approach on your ranch.

Ride Green!
The EcoLicious Equestrian

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