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What’s in Store for 2012? It’s Going to be BIG!

I hope you’re having a wonderful start to the new year! We had so much to celebrate at the turn of the year, and our successes are thanks to you! If I could wrap up all of the best parts of 2011 and give them to you, here’s what would be inside:

We had many reasons to celebrate. Here are just a handful:*   First you’d untie the gold ribbon… in honor of Olympic Bronze Dressage Medalist Ravel and his brother 2011 PanAm Dressage Gold Medalist Weltino’s Magic, who became raving fans of our products and use them faithfully as part of their grooming routine.

*    Then you’d notice the impeccable wrapping…after all, EcoLicious products passed the vigorous testing of professional grooms from Horse Junkies United as well as Professional Equine Grooms.They love the show-stopping results that our products deliver, their natural Sweet Orange Essential Oil scent and how their skin isn’t irritated after working with our products.

*    Next, you’d peek inside and as you unwrap each layer of recycled tissue paper, you’d find the newest additions to the EcoLicious product family – Leave Me Be Fly Spray Concentrate and Blinded by the White Total Body Whitening Treatment. Both quickly became our customers’ favorites! If you haven’t tried them yet, make it a resolution to get them before spring!

*    Then, just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get better, you’d hear about all the wonderful reviews from magazines around the world! In 2011, EcoLicious Equestrian was featured by magazine editors in Horse Illustrated, Dressage Today, Equine Wellness Magazine, Canadian Horse Journal and more. We couldn’t ask for a more special gift as our story was shared with the world!

Here’s What’s on the Horizon for 2012

Of Course! More Great EcoLicious Products:

*    A waterless version of our bestselling Squeaky Green & Clean Deep Cleansing and Conditioning Shampoo – especially useful in the cold winters!
*    All Natural Sheath Cleaner -(Pssst…you don’t even want to know what harsh chemical ingredients are in traditional sheath cleaners).
*    Itchy Tail Treatment – many of you do struggle with this annoying issue & we’re here to help.
*    And new treats for riders! Why should our horses have all the fun? :) A lip balm, body spray with our signature Sweet Orange scent and a refreshing facial spritz or those long hot days at a show, or out and about.

More Great Contests:

Watch your Inbox and keep an eye on Facebook and the blog, for fun contents like last year’s Valentine’s Day Kiss Your Horse Photo Contest or Name It To Claim It.

More Raving Fans and Role Models:

The 2012 Olympic Games in London are behind the corner and we hope that we will see Ravel groomed from head to toe with EcoLicious products show off in the Olympic Dressage Ring. We are also proud to announce new sponsored rider carrying the EcoLicious colours – Canadian Eventing Rider Diana Burnett – a London 2012 Olympic hopeful.
We wish them well!

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Watch for Youtube videos where we’ll bring you grooming tips and new makeovers in action.

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