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EcoLicious Equestrian Sponsoring Lauren Kieffer – A Three Day Eventer from the O’Connor Team


We’ve got some thrilling news at EcoLicious Equestrian.  We’re honored and super excited to become a sponsor of a talented young three day eventer Lauren Kieffer from the O’Connor eventing team. Why Lauren? She understands the importance of making sustainable  & environmentally friendly choices and avoiding toxins and chemicals that conventional equine grooming products contain.

So who’s Lauren, where does she come from and what is she up to?

Lauren was born and raised in Mt. Carmel, Illinois. She fell in love with horses and began riding at the young age of six. She competed in several local hunter/jumper and 4-H shows before pursuing eventing at the age of 12, training at Susannah Lansdale’s barn in Evansville, Indiana. 

Lauren fell in love with eventing and started training with Karen and David O’Connor started in 2005 when her parents signed her up for the O’Connor Eventing Camp in Virginia. She then took up a working student position with them and then became their Resident Rider in 2008. For you who aren’t that familiar with the three day eventing scene Karen and David O’Connor are the IT and their numerable accomplishments include medals from Olympic Games in Atlanta and Sydney! Karen has been named US Female Equestrian Athlete of the Year ten times and, in 1993, was the number one ranked lady rider in the world. She received the Team Silver Medal at the Atlanta Olympics, riding Biko, and the Team Bronze Medal at the Sydney Olympics, aboard Prince Panache. David brought home the first eventing Gold Medal for the United States in more than a quarter of a century, when he clinched the individual eventing championship on Custom Made at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney with the best score in Olympic history. Alongside Karen, he and Giltedge helped the USET capture the Team Bronze Medal in Sydney, and the Team Silver in Atlanta.

And now back to Lauren. Here are some of her most notable achievements. Lauren has been named to the Developing Rider’s List every year since 2006 and was placed on the USEF B-List in 2009 after her top placing at the Jersey Fresh CCI***.  She also received the Markham Trophy the spring of 2007.  The trophy is given to the highest placed rider under the age of 21 at the USEF CCI*** Spring Championship.  She has many top placings in horse trials and FEI competitions, most recently completing the 2010 Rolex Kentucky CCI****.

Lauren is well known for her success with a variety of horses and for her natural approach in all her training techniques.

We asked Lauren to tell us a bit about her equine partners. She trains and competes about 15 horses, but according to her the two guys below are the most notable ones:

Snooze Alarm 12 year old chestnut Arabian gelding: North American Young Rider Championships team member 2005, 2006, and 2007; Named to Developing List 2007 and 2009; Named to USEF B- List 2009; 8th at Jersey Fresh CCI*** 2009; 1st Plantation Field Int 2009; 28th at Rolex Kentucky CCI**** 2010; 1st Richland Park Int 2010

 Ultra Tim 10 year old bay Thoroughbred gelding :Named to Developing List 2010; 2nd Plantation Field CIC** 2009; Top 15 at Fairhill International CCI** 2009; Top 10 Millbrook HT Adv 2010.


We’ll be keeping you in the loop about Lauren and her accomplishments, so make sure to sign up for our blog!


Ride Green!
The EcoLicious Equestrian

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Show Ready with EcoLicious Equestrian : Comprehensive Guide to Make Your Horse Red Carpet Ready

We all know what it’s like to stand on the rail at a horse show and ogle the fine specimens before us.  After all a horse show is one of the few places where you cannot only count on seeing impressive performances but also impeccably turned out horses. In fact it doesn’t matter what discipline you participate in – good turnout never goes out of style (and every horse can look like a winner with a solid pre-show grooming routine.)  Have you ever wondered what it takes to take your horse from shaggy pasture ornament to red carpet ready?  Let me walk you through my deceptively easy, eco-friendly makeover that will turn heads in or out of the ring!

Step 1:  Prep-work

You may be surprised to find that the first step in this makeover doesn’t include a hose!  I’m all for a good bath, but before I drench my horse I like to do a little leg work first to save myself precious energy (and valuable tail hairs!) 

I’ve learned the hard way that if you have dirt, burrs, shavings etc. in your horses mane or tail before you get it wet, there is a good chance it will be there after you get it wet.  No one actually likes a “make work” project so why not take some time at the beginning of the makeover to use an intensive detangling treatment?  Not only does this rid the mane and tail of the offending parties, but it also saves you the hassle of trying to shampoo dry, tangled hair.  Apply De-Stress Intensive Reconstructing & Detangling Treatment from root to tip on the mane, tail and forelock, being sure not to go overboard (this product really packs a punch and a little goes a long way!) 

In a perfect world, after I’ve applied the detangling product I would take some time to allow the product to penetrate the hair shaft – this will not only moisturize the hair but also prevent breakage when you are ready to shampoo. 

At this stage of the game I would begin carefully finger combing my horses mane and tail, starting with small sections at the base and working my way down.  Red carpet worthy manes and tails take hard work and patience!   One of my favourite tricks of the trade is to keep a large banana or claw hair clip with me to clip sections of detangled hair out of the way as I make my way through.   Now I know! I know!  Finger combing can be arduous (especially when your horse has a full, thick tail that forms dreadlocks easily) but resist the temptation to cut corners and rake through your horses’ hair.  That’s right ladies…back away from the comb!  Absolutely no raking allowed!  This is mission critical if you still want to have a tail after you’ve done your makeover.  For all you Friends fans out there…“If you feel resistance, pull the Q-tip out!”  

 In all seriousness though the bottom line is that it can more than a year to replace a full-length tail hair so don’t be hasty!  Combs are part of my grooming kit but the only time I run anything through those precious tresses is after I have the lions-share of the tangles and knots out (and even then I tread lightly to avoid breaking any hairs.)

 If you are a real keener like myself you may choose to take your pre-show leg work one step further and do the De-Stress Intensive Treatment the day before you plan to begin your makeover.  It really does take your horses’ tail from “drabulous to fabulous.”   If not, now would be the ideal time to move onto to Step 2.  Finally!


Step 2:  Time for a trim

It’s important to present your horse at his/her best, which I feel should align with the standard specific to you sport.  As far as I’m concerned, there is no need to present a horse that is radically shorn  – keep it neat and discreet.  Think of trimming your horse as a chance to tidy up – removing the long hairs on the heels, under the jaw line and the tufts of hair that protrude from the ears really goes a long way.  You also can’t go wrong with a modest bridle path (some breeds call for longer but just wide enough to allow your bridle to lay flat is standard.)    Whether you bang tails or pull manes depends on your discipline but I would like to offer a word of caution:  when in doubt keep all excess clipping and trimming to a minimum!   If you are naturally inclined to do “just a little bit more” like myself, you know all too well that it can be extremely tempting to get a little scissor happy!  I’ve cut my fair share of bowl-cuts and trust me, once you get started there’s no going back.  “A little off the top” soon turns into a rat race trying to even out a botched thinning job.  Shorter hair does not necessarily equate to being easier to work with.  Not only does it end up looking sloppy but can also be particularly difficult to conceal, even if you’re a seasoned braider.  Better to leave 4” of thick mane to braid than 2” of thinned out, choppy mane…even the most beautiful horse has hard time rocking the G.I. Jane look.  

It is also important to note for those of you who have horses or ponies of Baroque decent (or that participate in Native Breed classes) that you should tread especially lightly through this portion of the makeover.  Excessive trimming can spoil the natural beauty of the breed and end up backfiring in the ring.

Stay tuned for part 2 & 3 of our Comprehensive Guide to Make Your Horse Red Carpet Ready!


Naturally yours until next time!

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Raving Reviews – EcoLicious Equestrian Natural & Earth Friendly Horse Care Products


We always love to hear from you and your ponies. Thanks Megan for sharing her experience with EcoLicious Equestrian products!!!


“When EcoLicious Equestrian came onto the market, I knew it was what I had been searching for all these years as I lingered in the tack store.  I always felt uncertain of what was safe to use on my horses (and why on earth I should use something that advised me to “spray in a well ventilated area” and “wash hands immediately after use.”) I pride myself on meticulous turn out and wanted to find something that would deliver serious results without compromising my horse’s health.”

“I felt uneasy turning my horses out after using traditional chemical-based products knowing they would inevitably itch and ingest potentially toxic substances.  I wanted something safe AND effective.  EcoLicious Equestrian does just that.  My horses are happy to indulge my grooming addiction since I
started using EcoLicious products, in particular the “Glossy” Enhancing Coat Tonic.”


“They never wince, prance or try to leave when I reach for a bottle…they seem soothed by the natural healing fragrance and let me spray tomy hearts content!  They just seem to know it won’t hurt them and it gives me peace of mind knowing it’s also environmentally friendly. It doesn’t hurt that it makes their coats fantastically shiny without ever causing my saddle to slip!”


“The fact that I get compliments most every day on what beautiful horses I have is a real testament to the quality of EcoLicious products.  I like to think of this line of products as professional-grade and wouldn’t be surprised if they find their way into the grooming buckets of Olympians in the very near future!”


Megan Nunn
Equines Wellness Consultant & Dressage Rider
From The Ground Up Equine Services


Thank you Megan! We sure appreciate your kind words!


Ride Green,

Team EcoLicious Equestrian
Your Horse. Your Earth. Your Choice.

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