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Braids Under Control with In Control Braiding & Mane Setting Cream

For flawless braids this show season try our  In Control Braiding & Mane Setting Cream. Dump   toxic sticky and smelly hairsprays and gels. In Control provides  subtle hold and adds lustre and restores elasticity to the hair.  Who wants a crunchy, sticky mane and tail after you’ve just put all that effort into getting it silky, shiny and soft?!?  Even if you don’t braid, gently smooth the settling cream along the crest of the mane to eliminate those pesky fly-a-way’s.

tight, soft and smooth braids with In Control

Certified Organic Hemp Oil, Shea Butter and Banana Extract revitalize and return luster to dry distressed hair. Both your and your horse will love the cheerful Sweet Orange scent known in aromatherapy for its mood uplifting benefits.


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