Patches : the EcoLicious Beauty Makeover

It was a warm and sunny fall weekend and we had to take advantage of it and get our hands on a “dirty pony” before it gets too cold for equine beauty makeovers.

And we got our hands on Patches – a sweet Paint girl that was long overdue for some EcoLicious pampering. We scrubbed her head to toe with our Squeaky Green & Clean All Natural Shampoo. She loved the natural Sweet Orange scent that is know in equine aromatherapy for its uplifiting benefits. This shampoo is made with gentle but tough-on-dirt coconut derived ingredients, it is toxin free and 100% biodegradable.  Tea Tree Essential Oil, with its antibacterial & antifungal properties, protects even the most sensitive skin and Silk makes coats soft and silky.

We detangled and conditioned her tail with Silky – a Rinse Out Moisturizing Conditioner and finished it off with spritz of Leave In Detangler Moisture Maniac.  Her tail was vibrant, soft  and full. We applied our EcoLicious soon-to-be-launched whitenener on her legs for the ultimate white. She enjoyed her spa day and a subsequent photoshoot like a true girl would. Check out her beauty shot below. Don’t you love the fall colors?

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2 Responses to “Patches : the EcoLicious Beauty Makeover”

  • Hi,I am the person who gave Patches to Larry & Joyce,i rescued her and another horse from going to auction last fall.Joyce tell’s me she is now sound and from the looks of her looks good as well,i am very pleased as i new when taking her from her previous owner who was sending her to auction that she was worth the gamble.

  • equestrian:

    hi sherry, thank you for rescuing Patches, she’s a super sweet girl and Ian really enjoys her…

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